#Forbes: The Clock May Have Run Out On 1.5 Degrees, But There Are Still Things We Can Do


The climate clock turned red at Berlin’s Mercator Research Institute, signaling that humanity had emitted so much carbon into the atmosphere that it could no longer fend off a 1.5-degree temperature increase without stopping emissions and sucking CO2 back in.

The Mercator Carbon Clock gives humanity 17 years before it exhausts the 2-degree carbon budget.

“We are nowhere close to a 1-degree world. We’re nowhere close to a 1.5-degree world. We’re going to overshoot 2 degrees. If we work like hell we might get 3 degrees, which will be awful.”

We need to control the carbon budget.

It means pursuing any and every kind of carbon policy: tax credits, feed-in tariffs, trading schemes, grants, financing mechanisms, emissions caps, a carbon tax.

It means encouraging carbon use in cement, concrete and fuels or converting CO2 into marketable products like nanotubes, carbon black or carbon monoxide. It means direct air capture. It means reusing CO2 for soda pop.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2018/10/31/the-clock-may-have-run-out-on-1-5-degrees-but-there-are-lots-of-things-we-can-do/#7042d9882d6d


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