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#Bolivia to invest in billion-dollar #Lithium deal with ACI Systems of #Germany

#LAPAZ (#Reuters) — #Bolivia will manufacture and market #Lithium batteries along with #German company ACI Systems #GmbH, which will invest $1.3 billion in the project, the country’s manager of the lithium deposits told the #Bolivian state radio . Along with #Argentina and #Chile, Bolivia is part of South #America’s so-called “lithium triangle,” one of the largest global reservoirs of the key mineral for the production of car batteries.

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#BHP #Billiton to produce #Nickel sulphate next year, eyeing #Cobalt on battery boom

#SHANGHAI (#Reuters) – #BHP #Billiton is expanding its business as a supplier of battery minerals at its #Nickel refinery in Western #Australia, planning to start producing nickel sulphate next year and looking at #Cobalt output as well, a company executive said.

Cobalt and nickel are both critical ingredients for #Lithium ion batteries, and are expected to see a boom in demand as global automakers transition into producing electric vehicles.

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#CNN: How the mud in this small #Japanese island could change the global economy


A small island in the Pacific Ocean is the site of a huge discovery that could change #Japan’s economic future. How huge? One economist called it a “game changer.” The researchers who helped find it said it had “tremendous potential.”

It’s mud. A whole bunch of mud — an estimated 16 million tons, to be exact. And in that mud, there are massive, “semi-infinite” stores of valuable rare earth minerals.

#Vanadium Batteries Need #ElonMusk Moment to Kick-Start Market


#Vanadium-flow batteries are robust, long-lasting, can operate in all temperatures and don’t degrade internally, said Algar, who wants to have at least 20 percent of output from his company’s Gabanintha project in Western #Australia going into the battery market.

The dominant form of energy storage is #Lithium-ion technology, but there are advantages to vanadium-flow batteries. They last longer and can be charged and discharged repeatedly without any significant drop in performance. They are also easy to recycle and good for projects where space isn’t an issue.

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Battery makers descend on #Australia, #Canada #Cobalt developers

A stockpile at the Tenke Fungurume copper-cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is owned by China Molybdenum (56%) Lundin Mining (24%) and Gécamines (20%). Credit: Lundin Mining.

#Reuters – Nervous #Asian battery makers are turning to early-stage #Cobalt projects in #Australia and #Canada to lock in supplies of the critical battery ingredient ahead of expected shortages as demand for #ElectricVehicles revs up.

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#Graphene oxide nanosheets could help bring #Lithium-metal batteries to market

#Lithium-metal batteries—which can hold up to 10 times more charge than the lithium-ion batteries that currently power our phones, laptops and cars—haven’t been commercialized because of a fatal flaw: as these batteries charge and discharge, lithium is deposited unevenly on the electrodes. This buildup cuts the lives of these batteries too short to make them viable, and more importantly, can cause the batteries to short-circuit and catch fire.

Now, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a solution to this problem in the form of a graphene-oxide coated ‘nanosheet’ that, when placed in between the two electrodes of a lithium-metal battery, prevents uneven plating of lithium and allows the battery to safely function for hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

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#Samsung in Talks for Multi-Year #Cobalt Deal From #Congo

Electric cars market threatened by potential cobalt royalties hike in Congo

#Samsung C&T Corp., an affiliate of the world’s biggest #Smartphone maker, is in talks for a multi-year deal to buy #Cobalt from a #Congolese miner, joining #Apple Inc. in the global rush to secure supplies of the metal at the heart of the #ElectricCar boom.

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