Country’s only monazite processing plant goes on stream

India’s only #Monazite processing plant (MOPP) at #Orissa Sands Complex (OSCOM), a unit of #IndianRareEarthsLimited (IREL), a wholly owned PSU under the #DepartmentOfAtomicEnergy (DAE), has kicked off its commercial production recently.

The 10,000 tonne per year monazite processing plant is designed to produce around 11,000 tonne of mixed #RareEarthChloride and 13,500 tonne of tri-sodium phosphate, sources said.

Present stock piling of #Thorium has assumed significance as the country has projected that about 30 percent of its energy demands would be met through non-carbon sources by 2030. Presently #India has the installed capacity to produce 5,780- MW nuclear power. At present #Uranium is used for nuclear power generation in #Power#Plants. The uranium based power reactors will be augmented by thorium-based nuclear power reactors and the demand of thorium would be increased in future, sources added.

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