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#BMW mining deals imminent as #Cobalt price powers on – report


#Copper and base metals markets are having terrible week, but the rally in the price of #Cobalt shows no signs of fizzling out. The metal quoted on the #LME rose to a fresh 9-year peak of $81,500 a tonne yesterday, a 147% surge since the beginning of 2017.

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Antibacterial applications of #Graphene oxides

#Graphene Oxide possesses a unique two-dimensional (2-D) honeycombed hydrophobic plane structure and hydrophilic groups, including carboxylic (-COOH) and hydroxyl (-OH) groups on its edge, which determine its excellent antibacterial activity. Among these antibacterial mechanisms, this review summarizes the interactions between GO and the bacterial membrane, especially the significant role of MIEs, including redox reactions with biomolecules, mechanical destruction of membranes, and catalysis of extracellular metabolites. The review also discusses in detail the physicochemical effect of GO on the bacterial membrane, such as phospholipid peroxidation, insertion, wrapping and the trapping effect, lipid extraction, and free radicals induced by GO

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Southeast #Asian #Nickel ore producers may miss the boat on #EV demand

Two key #Southeast #Asian #Nickel ore producers that shaped the market in recent years — the #Philippines and #Indonesia — are poorly placed to take advantage of a boom in battery demand from the growing #ElectricVehicles market.

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Private capital favours investing in #Copper over #Gold for first time

#Copper overtook gold as the most attractive commodity in 2017, with $1.6 billion in deals representing just shy of 70% of all money flowing into the sector. #Battery metals such as #Lithium, #Cobalt (which is mined as a by-product of #Copper and #Nickel), #Vanadium and #Graphite attracted $175 million from private equity investors according to the report by Bloomberg.

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#Congo Seeks More Control of the #Cobalt Market

Congo’s cobalt production set to soar despite claims of child labour

The Democratic Republic of #Congo will seek greater control of the global #Cobalt market by engaging directly with car and battery manufacturers, according to its largest state-owned mining company.

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Best-Performing Battery Metal of the Past Year Isn’t #Cobalt – #Vanadium


#Vanadium has soared more than 130 percent in the past year, outperforming better-known battery components like #Cobalt, #Lithium and #Nickel.

In the future, analysts are expecting a shift in uses of vanadium. The metal can also be used in industrial-scale batteries, which help to even out daily peaks and troughs from renewables like wind energy. The move to green energy could create a new market and start a scramble for supply, according to #BMO Capital Markets.

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