Chemists at #DOE – #ORNLdemonstrate sustainable approach to carbon dioxide capture from air

Chemists at the Department of Energy’s (#DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (#ORNL) have demonstrated a practical, energy-efficient method of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from air. If deployed at large scale and coupled to geologic storage, the technique may bolster the portfolio of responses to global climate change.

For the recent ORNL study, Williams and Flavien Brethomé mixed amino acids with water to make an aqueous sorbent to grab CO2 from air. Amino acids are safer than caustic sodium or potassium hydroxides or smelly amines, the sorbents used in industrial CO2 scrubbers.

The scientists put their aqueous sorbent in a household humidifier to maximize contact between air and sorbent and thus speed CO2 uptake. Once absorbed into the liquid, the CO2 formed a bicarbonate salt.

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