Is This The Biggest Commodity Story Of 2016?

Image result for Lithium & Cobalt demand

#Lithium saw its price triple in 2016, and #Cobalt—another massively important element in the lithium-ion battery—rose almost 50 percent in the same year, and is poised to become the next critical metal as the world sits on the edge of an energy revolution driven by mainstream #ElectricVehicles, battery #Gigafactories and #PowerWalls.

Together, lithium and cobalt are the most alluring investment duo on the global market, and we’re only getting started. Supply is expected to be short, prices are expected to spike, and small-cap explorers are expected to emerge as key players as they secure new prospects from the #US state of #Nevada, to #LatinAmerica’s ‘Lithium Triangle, to #Ontario.

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