#Hindustan #Copper opens #Nickel plant in #Jharkhand

#Hindustan #Copper Limited  inaugurated the #Nickel, #Copper and acid recovery plant yesterday at #Indian Copper Complex, Ghatsila (Jharkhand). This is the first facility in #India to produce nickel metal of LME grade from primary resource. The Singhbhum Copper Belt has unique ore characteristics which contains appreciable quantity of nickel. Hindustan Copper has installed and commissioned the technology to recover as nickel metal.

The annual demand for pure nickel in India is around 45,000 MT and its market in the country is totally dependent on import.

Read more at: http://www.business-standard.com/content/b2b-manufacturing-industry/hindustan-copper-opens-nickel-plant-in-jharkhand-116081101152_1.html

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