The #Smartphones launched this year have all been replete with new features – faster processing, big screens, super cameras, huge memory, elegant casings, etc. But ’till now, none of the handset manufacturers have come up with a #Battery that carries on for even two days with normal usage. Any company that brings out a device with a seriously longer lasting battery will have leapt much ahead of its competitors.

#Samsung seems to be doing some research on extending battery life and has reportedly spent around $13.8 billion on research and development last year. This investment was justified when in June this year, researchers and scientists at the #SAIT – #Samsung’sAdvancedInstituteOfTechnology – found a way to prolong the life of the standard #LithiumIonBatteries by using the combination of #Graphene and #Silicon. If this research is integrated into the handsets soon enough, it is possible for the Samsung #Galaxy #S7 to be launched with this 5-day battery.

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