Queen of Carbon Becomes First Woman to Receive IEEE Medal of Honor

In June, Professor Mildred Dresselhaus will formally receive the 2015 IEEE Medal of Honor for her leadership and contributions across many fields of science and engineering. She is the first woman to receive the organisation’s highest honor since its inception in 1917.

Dresselhaus is famous for her work in carbon-based materials including buckminsterfullerenes (buckyballs), nanotubes and graphene. In the energy sector, carbon-based materials are frequently discussed in terms of their ability to increase energy storage capacities in battery technologies and super capacitors. According to the IEEE, “the era of carbon electronics can be traced back to [Dresselhaus’s] tireless research efforts.”

Read more at: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/plugged-in/2015/04/30/queen-of-carbon-becomes-first-women-to-receive-ieee-medal-of-honor/

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