EV battery cell manufacturing in #India: GODI begins production of 5.2 Ah #Lithium-ion cells

GODI India, the first Indian company to get BIS certification to sell lithium-ion cells developed and produced locally, today announced beginning production of India’s first-ever 5.2 Ah 21700 cylindrical lithium-ion cells with an energy density of 275 Wh/kg based on silicon anode technology. The electrode composition has been indigenously developed as per the market requirement.
The company claims that with the use of silicon in the anode, an electric vehicle could achieve a greater range, up by 15-20% compared to graphite, on a single charge due to the increased energy density.
With a lithium-ion cell market size of USD 5 billion projected for electric two-wheelers by 2030, GODI believes that silicon is the future of energy storage as it can store nearly 10 times the energy compared to the traditional graphite anode.

However, it comes with close to 400% of volume expansion during its charge and discharge process making it difficult to stabilise. GODI India states that it has a water-based electrode manufacturing process to stabilise the silicon, which has been successfully utilised in the manufacturing of the 5.2 Ah lithium-ion cells.
“We are delighted to announce the manufacturing of 5.2 Ah lithium-ion cells at our Hyderabad facility. We have already delivered 5.0Ah cells to top six OEMs in India and planning to deliver 5.2Ah cells in the near future,” Mahesh Godi, Founder and CEO of GODI India, said.

Read more at: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/auto/policy-and-industry/ev-battery-cell-manufacturing-in-india-godi-begins-production-of-5-2-ah-lithium-ion-cells/articleshow/96173913.cms

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