#Forbes: Batteries Are Already Powering The Future: Here’s Why

One of the great myths of the energy transition is the battery problem. There’s widespread concern about their cost, as well as the question of what we are going to do with ones that have to be replaced, which are often reported as potentially dangerous to the environment.

In 2020 we managed to drop below the strategic $100/kWh threshold, down 13% from 2019, and that’s still counting on the technology of the future being lithium-ion, which doesn’t take into account the potential of other highly promising technologies.

A decade ago, many people believed that the problem with electric vehicles was the need to replace their batteries; but we now know from experience that batteries not only last much longer than we thought , but are set to far exceed the average life of the vehicles they power: there are now batteries that last up to sixteen years or two million kilometers.

The second part of the great battery myth pertains to recycling.

Batteries, whether for powering electric vehicles, heating our homes, or storing the energy produced at renewable power plants, are fundamental to understanding the future of energy.

The sooner we begin to demolish unfounded myths about batteries and understand the factors that determine their evolution in the future and the leadership required for its adoption, the better for everyone.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/enriquedans/2021/02/20/batteries-are-already-powering-the-future-hereswhy/?sh=362e67983e63

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