What if our smartphone screens could produce solar energy?

The scientists developed a solar cell from a glass substrate and a metal oxide electrode, on which they deposited thin layers of TiO2, then NiO, before adding a coating of silver nanowires.

The cell was highly reactive and operated in low-light conditions. In addition, more than 57% of the visible light was transmitted through the layers of the cell, giving it a transparent appearance, say the research authors.

“While this innovative solar cell is still in its infancy, our results suggest that it is possible to further improve transparent photovoltaics by optimizing the cell’s optical and electrical properties,” said professor Joondong Kim of the department of electrical engineering at Incheon National University, who led the research.

Read more: https://technology.inquirer.net/107095/what-if-our-smartphone-screens-could-produce-solar-energy#ixzz6jFcKzGR0

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