#Forbes: 4 Reasons The Developed World Is In Big Trouble With Critical Minerals

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The world’s richest countries are realizing how poorly equipped they are to access the critical minerals needed for emerging technologies, especially renewable energy, energy storage, electrification, and smart devices.

But they may not yet realize the implications, according to Michelle Michot Foss, the fellow in energy and minerals at Rice University’s Baker Institute, including disruption of the falling cost curves that advocates of renewables and storage love to display.

“We’re in a very slow realization… that the US and and the OECD in general are not very well positioned on all of this,” Foss said this month during a Baker Institute conference on the energy transition. “We barely have a mining industry in the U.S. today versus when I was a young professional starting out.”

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2019/10/24/4-reasons-the-developed-world-is-in-big-trouble-with-critical-minerals/#6716cc0540f4

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