#Indonesia plans electric vehicle incentives for foreign car makers


#JAKARTA, Jan 29 (#Reuters) – #Indonesia is finalizing a new electric vehicle (#EV) policy that will offer fiscal incentives to foreign car makers, as it ramps up efforts to become a #Lithium battery hub, its deputy industry minister said on Tuesday.

“Our target is for 20 percent of all cars produced in Indonesia to be electric vehicles by 2025,” Harjanto said, adding he had been in talks with Japanese and Korean car makers.

Indonesia, second largest car production hub in Southeast Asia after Thailand, plans to introduce a fiscal scheme that will offer tax cuts to EV battery producers and automakers, as well as preferential tariff agreements with other countries that have a high EV demand, the deputy minister told reporters.

Read more at: https://www.nasdaq.com/article/indonesia-plans-electric-vehicle-incentives-for-foreign-car-makers-20190129-00217

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