#Bloomberg: #Nickel Is New Headache for Automakers as #Cobalt Fears Abate


Locking in supplies of key battery raw materials #Lithium and #Cobalt has been a headache for electric car manufacturers, but these days it’s the supply of #Nickel and #Graphite that’s keeping them up at night.

Investors and miners are already alert to the risk that nickel supply will fall short of demand. Research commissioned by commodities trading giant Glencore Plc indicates that global demand for nickel in electric vehicles will hit nearly 1 million metric tons by 2030. That amounts to 55 percent of the metal produced globally in 2017. Prices look set to double by 2022, but producers still aren’t likely to keep up with demand from the automotive industry, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Read more at: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-24/nickel-is-new-headache-for-automakers-as-cobalt-fears-abate

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