#Tesla May Be Trampled by #CATL in #China

China LIthium Global Power

By the looks of it, every car of the future will be equipped with a powerful and cheap battery made in, and more importantly by, China.

This month, #Nissan Motor Co. and #Daimler AG put in orders for electric-car batteries with an emerging #Chinese champion, privately held Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., or #CATL. #Volkswagen AG is already a customer, as is the joint venture of #BMW AG and Brilliance #China Automotive Holdings Ltd. That’s quite an endorsement of the battery maker’s know-how.
Almost 90 percent of #CATL’s revenue comes from making #Lithium-ion batteries. It’s moved beyond lithium iron phosphate technology to produce more advanced, higher-energy-density forms that use #Nickel, #Cobalt and #Manganese.

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