This New Robot #Graphene Skin Is More Sensitive Than A Human Hand

Image result for This New Robot graphene Skin Is More Sensitive Than A Human Hand

Professor Ravinder Dahiya, an electrical engineer at the #UniversityOfGlasgow, says his first-of-its-kind sensor is a step towards more lightweight prosthetic limbs for people, as well as more natural-feeling robots covered in soft-skinned bodies. His new bot skin, which is made of a single atomic layer of #Graphene, is basically a touch sensor. It needs 20 nanowatts of power per square centimeter to operate. For that, Dahiya turned to the sun:

“Whatever light is available, 98 percent is going and hitting the solar cell,” he says, explaining that a solar panel is located just under the surface of the clear graphene skin. “it is generating power that can be used to get the sensitivity, the tactile feeling.”

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