Will the price of #Lithium continue to climb?

As the automotive industry pushes for a greener tomorrow, automakers will have to work with the rising cost of #Lithium. The price of the chemical element — otherwise known as #LithiumCarbonate, which is used in pure electric and hybrid battery packs — has risen to $23,000 (#US) a ton in the past few weeks, and experts believe with more demand, that price will continue to climb.

If Tesla is able to fill all of its Model 3 orders, there could be a future shortage of lithium, which is already in short supply and controlled by only a few countries: #Australia, #China, #Argentina, #Bolivia and #Chile.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.com/autos/2016/04/21/will-the-price-of-lithium-continue-to-climb.html

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