Megafactory trend sparks ‘arms race’ in battery sector


In North America, the most recognisable brand for EVs had been technology pioneer #Tesla, which aimed to introduce a vehicle with a banner price of less than $30 000. #Chevrolet had followed suit, developing a new #Volt model that it also sought to sell at under $30 000.

In tandem, the number of major companies involved in #Batteries and #EVs had been growing. #Google, #Apple, #Sony, as well as other significant vehicle manufacturers, such as #Audi and #Mercedes, had entered the space in earnest.

“And these guys are bringing in money and intelligent people. The hottest jobs in #SiliconValley [in #California] right now aren’t those at #Facebook or trying to get more clicks on a website. Today, it’s about getting a job in the energy-storage space,” Moores said.

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