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‘Stubborn’ GE scientist pioneers breakthrough ‘dream material’

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. — For nearly three decades Krishan Luthra stubbornly labored away in a General Electric research lab on a long-shot effort to cook up a new type of ceramic that few consumers will ever see or use.

Now this obscure material, which is lightweight, strong and can handle extreme temperatures, is being built into the bellies of jet engines and promises to save billions of gallons of fuel in the coming decades by reducing weight and allowing engines to run hotter.

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Why 3D Printing Adoption Is Accelerating Globally

Semantic Analysis

Prototyping (63%), proof of concept (27%) and production (26%) are the three most dominant uses of 3D printing in Europe today.  The same priorities apply to America (prototyping (56%); proof of concept (43%); production (27%) and marketing samples (17%).

68% of respondents are forecasting their spending on additive manufacturing will increase in 2015.

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Arcam puts third atomisation reactor into action

Arcam AB, leading supplier of additive manufacturing solutions has increased its Plasma Atomised titanium powder manufacturing operations at its’ powder subsidiary AP&C in Montreal, Canada, by putting its third reactor in service.

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Researchers used 4D printing to create a valve that opens and contracts according to water temperature

While 3D printing technology has proven to be a revolutionary solution with wide-ranging technological applications, a number of research teams have already begun looking beyond 3D printing, to the realm of 4D printing technology. While a number of 4D printed successes have already been achieved, researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia have now created something very remarkable: a 4D printed a valve that automatically opens and contracts when exposed to either water or to high temperatures.

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Tesla Motors to Unveil Home and Utility Batteries April 30


Tesla Motors Inc. will announce a home battery and a “very large” utility-scale battery on April 30, according to an e-mail sent to investors and analysts.

The e-mail Tuesday from Jeffrey Evanson, Tesla’s head of investor relations, said the company “will explain the advantages of our solutions and why past battery options were not compelling.” Khobi Brooklyn, a Tesla spokeswoman, said that “we’ll share more information next week,” without confirming the e-mail.

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Oak Ridge 3D-prints sports car in 24 hours | iSGTW




If you think the TITAN supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is fast, wait until you see their latest high-speed project.

To mark the classic car’s 50th anniversary, ORNL unveiled their homage to the Shelby Cobra at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, US.

Oak Ridge 3D-prints sports car in 24 hours | iSGTW.

Nanodiamonds boost wear resistance of nickel plating

Materials specialist Carbodeon has achieved a threefold improvement in the wear resistance of electroless nickel through the addition of nanodiamonds.


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New ORNL Electric Vehicle Technology Packs More Punch in Smaller Package

Newswise — OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Oct. 14, 2014 – Using 3-D printing and novel semiconductors, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have created a power inverter that could make electric vehicles lighter, more powerful and more efficient.

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