Korean Research Team Develops One Atom Thick Semiconductor

A local research team has successfully developed a technique to make the thinnest semiconductor possible.

The National Research Foundation announced on June 25 that Professor Ahn Jong-ryeol and Ph.D. student Shin Ha-cheol at Sungkyunkwan University succeeded in developing a technique for a 0.25 nm semiconductor. The width is the minimum limit for making nanomaterials, because ~0.25 nm is the diameter of one atom.

Local semiconductor companies are currently conducting studies to make 10 nm semiconductor devices, but this research team pushed the limits, since they thought that it would be possible to produce a semiconductor material just one atom thick.

Read more at: http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/11189/025-nanometers-thin-korean-research-team-develops-one-atom-thick-semiconductor

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