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Vale INCO’s Nickel Carbonyl Process proved the best for New Caledonian Laterite project in the 70s

Based on Inco process research at Toronto and Port Colborne involving more than 200 technical personnel over the last two and a half years, a comprehensive plan has been drawn up to produce an annual 100 million pounds of refined nickel from previously unexploited lateritic ores in New Caledonia.


Laterite Ore Processing

Some of the world class Nickel Laterite ore deposits have Cobalt, Copper and PGE values. Recovering all these metal values in a single refining step is a major challenge. Carbonyl Vapor Metallurgical process is a viable technology to over come this challenge, and also Feasibility Study shows better economics in refining laterite ore via Carbonyl Technology. The technology is a better option for low grade laterite ore as well.


CVMR Carbonyl Process