#UK firm pilots using blockchain to help #BMW source ethical #Cobalt

BMW mining deals imminent as cobalt price powers on - report

Automaker #BMW is working with a #London-based start-up to use transaction-recording technology blockchain to prove batteries for its #ElectricVehicles will contain only clean #Cobalt, the start-up’s CEO said.

Read more at: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mining-bmw-blockchain/uk-firm-pilots-using-blockchain-to-help-bmw-source-ethical-cobalt-idUSKBN1GH2UP

#Bloomberg: The #Russian Oligarchs’ Feud That Will Affect #ElectricCars

#Russian billionaires are feuding over control of a giant natural-resource business that dates back to the #Soviet era. So far, so #Russia. What makes the battle for MMC #Norilsk #Nickel PJSC more important than typical business maneuvering is that it will affect development of one of the largest deposits of nickel and #Cobalt, which are used in batteries for goods including #iPads and #Tesla cars.

Read more at: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-06/the-billionaires-feud-that-will-affect-electric-cars-quicktake

#Forbes: #Graphene And #Nickel Atoms To Convert CO2 Into Usable Energy


A team of scientists  at #USDOE are using single atoms of #Nickel anchored to a sheet of #Graphene. The single atoms react perfectly to produce CO. The team is now focused on producing the catalyst in a cheap large-scale way. This could mean a lot for the world’s energy crisis.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinanderton/2018/03/03/using-nickel-atoms-to-convert-co2-into-usable-energy-infographic/#78258f4c1156

World needs at least 50,000 tonnes more #Lithium per year

The chief executive of #Chilean mining company #SQM said on Thursday global markets will need at least 50,000 tonnes of Lithium per year of additional supplies in coming years. SQM’s Patricio de Solminihac said in an earnings call he expects world lithium demand will continue to be strong with an estimated growth of 80 percent annually in the next five years.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/sqm-results-output/world-needs-at-least-50000-tonnes-more-lithium-per-year-sqm-idUSC0N1NN018

#Apple turns to miners to lock in #Cobalt supplies: #Bloomberg

Apple iPhone batteries

#Cobalt, a by-product of #Copper and a key ingredient in #Lithium-ion batteries, has seen strong demand due to its use in smartphones and would get a further boost as electric vehicles come to the fore.

The #iPhone maker is seeking contracts to buy several thousand metric tons of cobalt for five years or longer, #Bloomberg reported.

Read more at: https://ca.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idCAKCN1G50M3-OCABS

#BMW mining deals imminent as #Cobalt price powers on – report


#Copper and base metals markets are having terrible week, but the rally in the price of #Cobalt shows no signs of fizzling out. The metal quoted on the #LME rose to a fresh 9-year peak of $81,500 a tonne yesterday, a 147% surge since the beginning of 2017.

Read more at: http://www.mining.com/bmw-mining-deals-imminent-cobalt-price-powers-report/

Antibacterial applications of #Graphene oxides

#Graphene Oxide possesses a unique two-dimensional (2-D) honeycombed hydrophobic plane structure and hydrophilic groups, including carboxylic (-COOH) and hydroxyl (-OH) groups on its edge, which determine its excellent antibacterial activity. Among these antibacterial mechanisms, this review summarizes the interactions between GO and the bacterial membrane, especially the significant role of MIEs, including redox reactions with biomolecules, mechanical destruction of membranes, and catalysis of extracellular metabolites. The review also discusses in detail the physicochemical effect of GO on the bacterial membrane, such as phospholipid peroxidation, insertion, wrapping and the trapping effect, lipid extraction, and free radicals induced by GO

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-02-antibacterial-applications-graphene-oxides.html#jCp

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